User Guide


CINTS is open to any researchers worldwide. Proposals are subject to a reviewing process by the scientific board. Upon acceptance of the project, terms and conditions will apply. Prospective users are encouraged to contact the office of CINTS before application.

Flow of a project with CINTS.

Flow of a project with CINTS

1. Obtain user ID (for a first-time user only). ⇒ Click here
2. Consult with scientific staffs about the details of a project.
3. Submit the proposal. ⇒ Click here
4. Acceptance will be notified within two weeks by e-mail.
5. Submit the letter of agreement on terms and conditions.
6. Start R&D activities in/with CINTS.
7. Invoice will be sent.
8. Make payment(s).
9. The final report is required at the end of each fiscal year.
Please click to download the format. ⇒Click here
If you need to be exempted temporarily for any reason,
please contact the CINTS office.
FYI, reports in the past can be downloaded via the following site:

Types of support

CINTS provide five levels of technical support as follows.


Technical consultation can be requested as a project. Scientific advices will be offered to specific problems.

● Independent Operation

Experienced user can request to operate the designated facilities in CINTS by him/herself.

●Assistant Operation

User can seek hands-on assistance to our technical staff, while operating facilities by him/herself.

●Integrated Support

Users in need can request CINTS to fabricate materials/products and/or obtain scientific data on their specimens.

●Joint research

Users can request research collaboration with CINTS. Two parties jointly arrange an R&D plan and undertake the project.