Supporting Fields

CINTS provides an open access to the facilities in the following fields, located in the several departments in the university.

FieldDepartment Content
Microstructural CharacterizationInstitute for Materials and Research

●1-MV Electron Microscope Section,
Technology Center for Research and Education Activities
Open access to various electron microscopes (TEMs and SEMs). Specimen preparation using focused-ion beam (FIB). Observation on behalf of users is also available.

Material Synthesis
WPI-AIMR Advanced Institute for Materials Research

Research and Analytical Center for Giant Molecules, Graduate School of Science
Synthesis of functional and bioactive molecules on consignment. Open access to analytical facilities including NMR and ICP.
Nanofabrication(MEMS)Hands-on-access fabrication facility, Micro System Integration CenterOpen access to facilities in a spacious cleanroom (1800 m2), necessary for MEMS and device fabrication, with hands-on training by qualified staff members.