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User Registration

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 *If you are using Hands-on-access fab (coin laundry), only the representative person needs to register.

If you are using CINTS for the first time

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If you have a CINTS applicant number (if you have already registered on the old HP)

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Project application

Please login to CINTS myPage and register a “New Proposal”.

CINTS myPage is currently only available in Japanese. If you need any support in using this service, please contact the secretariat office.

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  • Proposals must be submitted each fiscal year. Before submitting a proposal, please discuss the technical details of the proposal with your faculty advisor and confirm financial resources.
  • Please select “Microstructural Characterization” if you will be using equipment at the Institute for Materials Research, or “Nanofabrication (MEMS)” if you will be using equipment at the Nishizawa Center.

If you are applying in the “Microstructural Characterization” area

  • If you have already decided on the equipment to be used, please contact the person in charge in advance.
  • If the equipment to be used has not been decided, or if this is a general consultation, please indicate so on the application form.
  • For inquiries about “Microstructural Characterization” , please contact us at MAIL: